We help brands buy & measure Amazon Streaming TV ads

Gigi helps brands, and agencies buy Streaming TV ads by natively integrating first-party data signals via clean rooms with walled garden DSPs/campaign managers. 

AMC audiences and measurement out of the box

No queries, just actionable insights.

Enrich your STV campaign with powerful AMC audiences

Create AMC lookalike audiences in 2 clicks

Find the highest signal seed audiences for lookalike models

Layer AMC audiences with DSP audiences in one workflow

Gigi is your trusted partner for first-party data collaboration with Amazon Marketing Cloud

[Left] Layer 1P commerce data with Amazon signals for audience creation. [Right] Omni channel reporting of sales across Amazon, and 1P data.

Increase your sales through Streaming TV.

First name, last name, work email, phone number, company name, job role, annual TV ad spend, dropdown for endemic to amazon[default] (are you a brand that sells on amazon)/non-endemic.